What in the World has happened?

11/28/21 17:51


What in the World has happened?
11/01/21 23:15

Ok fishing discussion,,,,,, any tips for fishing Goose Creek Reservoir... hear that largemouth is there gonna try it,
now to respond to the Subject Question,, what has happened, i have been gone for a while and before i left this was the forum to come to if you wanted info on fishing and rigs and boats and friends.. every day there was something positive to read and many things to read and enjoy. i learned so much,, I am saddened to find that is no longer the case, maybe one post a month or two, no one seems to care anymore. i am sorry if i have offended anyone because you can do that on the highway or telephone or restaurant or any other place , and that was not the case on this site, we had spirited discussions at times but all in good taste and fun. we could agree to disagree, but something has happened and i feel the comradery is gone and fishing has taken a backseat to politics and strong opinions. all i can say is please come back to fishing......

Some People Create Their Own Storms And Then Cry When It Rains!


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11/02/21 0:43

Politics did not kill this sight as some have insinuated. It's just a channel that can be ignored... if wanted. You are so right, this sight has lost most everyone. I do believe it is the simple fact this sight is just too hard to manipulate and the new owners just don't give a rip to help this place out. We had a few bickering back and forth about being admin and such, just a sad joke.
11/02/21 10:08

I have tried to post a new thread 3 - 4 times in the last couple of weeks and have been unable to do so . Some days I start to come to CF and then think, "why bother"? It is very frustrating.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?
11/02/21 11:42

When I said “ and i feel the comradery is gone and fishing has taken a backseat to politics and strong opinions. all i can say is please come back to fishing....” I did not mean that politics had taken over the site, I was meaning the only real active forums were the ones that had strong opinions and did not relate to fishing,, the site is Charleston Fishing not Charleston Arguing,,
I was just disappointed in not seeing the lively discussions on what bait or type of lines or where to catch fish , even sending all newbies to the dynamite hole, smile, how to take a picture of your secret fishing spot but making sure no one could really figure out where you were , but in life things unfortunately change and so has this site. I’m not mad just disappointed.
Gotta go fishing now,, take care all thumbsUp

Some People Create Their Own Storms And Then Cry When It Rains!
11/03/21 19:35

I think the revamp of the site made it much harder for some to navigate. It also is November, but the posts have gone down since the new site opened in my eyes.

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11/15/21 11:14

Ok, I’ve been watching the forums and the hot topics period on this site is politics and covid, I know these are hot topics in the world right now , but I thought this site was Charleston FISHING,, I guess the scene of the world has changed. Why not add religion as a topic, I mean most of the apostles were at least fishermen,, Jesus even walked on water, he help Peter catch fish, he fed people with fish, and compared his ministry to fishing, just a thought bigsmile

Some People Create Their Own Storms And Then Cry When It Rains!
11/15/21 21:45

I think you jest on the relgion topic, but it was discussed. Religion got talked pretty heavy by a few select individuals and it really peeved a few off. They wanted Relegion in a complete different forum. People give politics grief, I could only imagine if we focused on religion... or those with the lack of it. smile Life is good.

I killed a nice buck a week ago and I would have posted it, but it's just too much hassle. Same with fishing, I got out once this fall and did pretty good, but again, it's just too aggravating sending phone photos to your PC to upload to this sight. Add to that the slim chance you can even post a new thread. I've just about made up my mind to ride it to the end. I'm thinking that will be sooner than later.
11/15/21 23:31

Yes sir. I recently caught a personal best fish and have had my best ever deer season. But can't post any pictures from my phone. Would like to share the pictures but can't make them post!
11/16/21 0:01

I've sent pics to laptop, even when less than 5meg, still won't work. Gave up...


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