Red Fish bite is on!

01/27/22 14:05


Red Fish bite is on!
12/07/21 18:51

Trout eye and gulp shrimp in new penny.

Can't seem to remember just exactly where I caught this fish!



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12/09/21 14:42

Nice red.
Need to get out there.

Aside: oddly, if you right click the pic and "view in new tab", it shows the pic right side up, instead of sideways. This forum software is not particularly impressive.

17' Henry O Hornet w/ Yamaha 115
26' Palmer Scott project hull
14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25
12/09/21 19:32

When I open it, the picture is right side up. BTW that is the first picture I have ever been able to post on CF. I took it with my cell phone and sent it to my email. I downloaded it and did a click and drag to the new and improved format and shazam!

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