Took my Daughter and one of her friends to Bull's Bay today. Got a few Crabs for bait from my brother in law's trap, then tried our luck. Never fished for them before, and we had a good time with them.

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On our list
I have not caught one.
Do they eat good? Cube them up and deep fry?
Shark bites?
Have caught a spinner shark out there while tarpon fishing.

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Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.

22 life's a day
Never eaten one before, but planning to make deep fried nuggets out of them tomorrow.
Fun to catch, especially from a kayak.

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I have a friend that lives out there and he makes them taste great. I think he uses lemon juice then deep fries them. I should have payed attention but was too busy having a good time.haha
They are good, but you should run a knife from the anus forward and get the guts out and rinse where you caught em. Then on ice.

That's what I usually do with Sharks. I tied a rope around their tails and kept them alive. We only had a short run to get back to the house, so they were still alive when we got back to the dock. Bled them out then cleaned them then.
Great to eat! Best if skinless, though. Capt. Fritz advised me to marinate the filets, in teriyaki marinade, and grill them. Turned out great. Fried is good too!!


Robinette's Bend Forward
You can soak it in milk or buttermilk, or a tablespoon of vinegar and water, covering the meat. Let it sit for 2hrs or so. Rinse ,dry,season cook and eat . That's what I am having for dinner tonight ,shark,red rice and green beans.

Double D.
I find that if you bleed them and keep them cold they are fine. I grill mine coated in olive oil and adobo for tacos. Everyone I give it to raves about it.

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