King Tide at Capers Island

Does anyone know how the king tide effects Capers Island camping? We plan on camping there the 24th of June and their calling for king tides. I'm thinking there may not be much of any beach to camp on during the king tide. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks Traveling by pontoon. Getting stuck high n dry is also a concern.

We camped there many years ago (2006 I believe) and built a bird viewing blind for my son's Eagle Scout project. The blind is gone now but the bench remained and was on top of the levee (last I was there anyway).

The camping spot we used was between the end of the levee and the beach. I think just inside the dunes from the beach. It was high and dry and I think that it would be during any tide.
Things have changed a lot since 2006. When you say levee I'm assuming you docked at the boat dock and walked in?? Hurricane Matthew took out the boat dock and it's no longer available. Now your only "suppose to" camp on the north or south beach which gives you the option to either beach your boat our anchor it out.
That is correct. We were with DNR and they took us on that big catamaran boat from Fort Johnson with all of the stuff to build a bird viewing blind. We got off at the dock. I didn't realize it was gone. It was a few years ago when I went there last (maybe 2013 or so) and it was intact then.

We camped in the approximate area where I put a red X on your map. Between the levee and the dunes, just a short ways from the beach.

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Thanks for the info