red snapper season 2021

Anyone heard of additional makeup days for 2021 season for the red snapper since the weather was so bad for july 9-11th here in South Carolina??? SOO many of them out there, should be at least one per person per day! like BSB nuisance fish when targeting grouper... anyone else seeing this?

Kencraft 23T
twin 175f Suzuki's

Sounds good.

Been looking forward to your usual king reports.

Any king action this year?

Been between boats. No fishing trips yet.
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Thanks easyrider, I just posted couple King reports with pics on the King mack section! Good luck out there! Just watching for the next weather

Kencraft 23T
twin 175f Suzuki's
I'm not aware of any make up days for ARS..
It was rough 3ft- 4ft @ 5sec out of Edisto we managed a few.

Thats a nice knothead too
You'll have one weekend to get you're snappa...


and be happy...


We from the govmeant...and here to helps.


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