Merry Fishmas 2020 (very very late report)

Merry Fishmas 2020. Day 1 Friday 24 Dec.
Edisto, Water temp unknown.
Very late report. Had problems with the site/computer last year and didn’t get around to creating the report. I don’t remember all the typical details but have a few pics.

Merry Fishmas 2020. Day 2 Sunday 26 Dec.
Cooper, Water Temp 57 degrees.
Nice mixed bag today or reds and bass and a visit from the one of the greatest fishers on the water.

Merry Fishmas 2020. Day 3 Saturday 01 Jan.
Cooper, Water Temp 57 degrees.
Wind was howling but that didn’t slow us down. Got to spend some quality time with friends and family. Inshore slam, multiple doubles, and plenty of over slots finished Merry Fishmas 2020 with a bang.


Great report! Thanks for posting it!

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