South Fla Peacock Bass

We were down in Lauderdale in early January & booked a guide(Alan Zaramba) to take myself & my son for his 14th bday peacock bass fishing in the canals & lakes of South Fla. We had a blast & fished freshwater canals in some of the roughest parts of Miami & Opa Locka. Caught a dozen nice bass with the daymaker being over 6lbs. Also got some small snook & largemouth bass. We didn't try for the other exotics & the peacocks were already bedding & it was a lot of sight casting on beds for them. I can't post pics on here but if you are on Instagram i've posted a bunch of pics there.

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Those are some beautiful fish. Great way to spend time with your son, making memories.

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Thanks for this. I am looking at doing a similar trip possibly next year.
and inside back page of the sports section in today's article Ted...good stuff...

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Nice article in the P&C, Ted!

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I remember watching a guide on T.V. go to kiss a peacock bass on the head before the release dang thing flopped around and cut the heck out of his lip!

They are some beautiful fish. Do they eat good?