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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Wed Jan 19 2022

Fishing to Support Release Over 20 even, Cast it Forward

I was asked to help promote the Release Over 20 Event, Cast it Forward which will be Feb 5th at Firefly Distillery. Tickets can be bought here: Link to the video of us fishing with redfin charters for a good cause is here:
Tue Jan 11 2022

Merry Fishmas 2021

Merry Fishmas 2021. Day 1 Friday 24 Dec. Edisto, Water temp 56.7 degrees. Weather was cool first thing in the morning but warmed quickly. Brought along a friend in the hopes to beat my personal best most fish boated in a day. They did not disappoint. First spot produced 8 trout and 109 reds. We were way to close to the record (128) set a couple years ago to quit now. Ran to spot 2 for 35 more reds and finally finished off the day exploring a new creek for 1 more trout. Days tally was 153 total. Needless to say, we were pretty excited. Those days do not come very often if ever and are heavily outnumbered by slow days. It’s been 2 weeks and it’s still sinking in. We worked back further into the ditch. No bites in the back, made our way out picking up a few more on the way. Ran to spot 2 for 15 more making the days total of 50+. I failed to take any more pictures. Merry Fishmas Day 4 Saturday 08 Jan. Edisto for round 2. Did no exploring at all. This was a complete repeat of the day before, but this time instead of dropping a phone in the water, I just left it at home. No pictures to be had. 35+ reds and 1 trout. Had a big lull in the middle of the day but we worked through it and picked several up at the end. Merry Fishmas Day 5 Sunday 09 Jan. Upper Cooper The guys had to be off the water by Noon so we hit the upper cooper for a little bass action. It was a grind. Not a bite for 2 hours. Tried several spots, but there was no wind and the water was very clear. We did see several and one was a tank but they had no interest. Ran up to a final spot and the wind picked up and the bite came with it. 5 bass in the last 20 minutes, biggest was around 2.5lbs. Ran out of time and headed back to the ramp. No pictures again, I had my phone today, one was still under water and the other one was left in the truck. We were phone dysfunctional this weekend.
Mon Jan 10 2022

Merry Fishmas 2020 (very very late report)

Merry Fishmas 2020. Day 1 Friday 24 Dec. Edisto, Water temp unknown. Very late report. Had problems with the site/computer last year and didn’t get around to creating the report. I don’t remember all the typical details but have a few pics.
Wed Jan 05 2022

Hookin on Trout - 12/27/2021

Went out after Christmas with my kids and father in law. Landed a few trout to keep for dinner that night, but all others released. The morning incoming tide was great, but the bite turned off for us after the tide change, and the wind picked up also, which made casting no fun. Water temps were around 57 degrees. We caught on mudminnows(live), zman paddletails (various colors), and berkeley swimming mullet (white/chartreuse I don't get to fish much when i take the kids out; i'm busy replacing jigheads and grabbing mud minnows Lexi - 2 keeper trout Beckett - 2 keeper trout Father in law 1 keeper trout Summary of us: I've fished freshwater when I was a kid on the lake, but recently got into saltwater fishing. My daughter is currently getting into it also (11 yrs old). So we try to go out whenever we get the chance. We're learning along the way, and recording what we can. In a tech world, this is a great way to keep them interested in fishing, while she also is learning about the videoing, and editing of the videos. We're not professionals by any means, but learning all we can. If you'd like to subscribe to us, thanks. We are on IG also as rodbentfishing. We decided to go with that because her uncle always yells that to be funny when we fish, so its caught on now with her.
Sun Jan 02 2022

Ending the Year on a Slamming note

Got out on New Years Eve and it was about as slow as I've ever seen it. I fished Yellow house Clouter Creek The Cooper and finally Goose creek Hit a few Reds and even one that was tagged. Fished the out going tide and was throwing different presentation from mud minnows to numerous swim bait. The water was murky in Goose Creek so I started throwing my Money swim bait (white pearl 4" mullet) and I thought I had a nice Trout until it got near the top. 17.5" flounder that was not planning on getting into that livewell. Drifted on out and numerous boats were setup in one of the Red hole anchored or those nice trolling motors holding them in place (Need to invest in one). Pulled a couple trouts and left that area and headed to the hill. Yesterday I should have stayed at home with the terrible winds. Managed a few Trouts in Bushy Park and pull that 22 in nearly pushing pluff mud. Tide was Low as Heck but once I make that turn to the dock I'm coming Inn. "Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" 220 SeaFox Viper"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" 220 SeaFox Viper


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Wed Jan 26 2022

Hi gang, Just wanted to post an update on our upcoming Cast It Forward oyster roast, benefiting Release Over 20, on Feb 5th. In addition to the oysters we will have good ol' southern barbeque; and also a food truck option (for less $) if you're not into either of those. And live music by Southbound 17. We have our lineup pretty well filled in, and have the following speakers / panels. "Charleston Fishing, Then and Now", featuring Ralph Phillips and Mike Able Sr. Mike and Ralph (along with Zed White) were two of three original guides in Charleston back in the day. In my opinion, everyone's idea of what fishing used to be is relative to their own experiences. Mike and Ralph will reset your idea of what used to be, and perhaps could be possible again. I've heard the stories from both of them in private conversations. I think hearing of how thing used to be will be mind blowing to most of us. If you wouldn't mind, please respond to this post by answering this question. If you had one question to ask these two, what would it be? Panel will be moderated by Tommy Braswell. "Women in Fishing" This panel will be great because we have four women anglers representing different aspects of the fishing industry. Pamela Corwin, outreach director for SCDNR; Kelsey Dick, marketing director for Shimano North America (and a VERY accomplished angler in her own right); Capt Tanya Dowdy, she is a charter captain for ReelChica charters; and Mandy Henderson, an avid recreational angler in Charleston. Panel will be moderated by Pamela Browning, publisher of the Post and Courier and also an avid angler. "Strategies to Target Gator Speckled Trout", featuring Capt. Matt Chipperfield from Jacksonville Florida. If you're an avid trout angler, no doubt you've heard of Matt. Matt has a degree in marine biology and uses his education and analytical mind to understand seatrout behaviors to better target giant trout. This will be a can't miss discussion for the serious inshore angler. Conservation and the Release Over 20 organization are very near and dear to Matt's philosophies. And last but not least, our featured speaker will be Capt. C. A. Richardson from Flats Class TV. CA really needs no introduction. He will speak about the importance of conservation and sustainability and also I'm sure a few tips and tricks to improve your fishing. In addition to all this will be a bunch of educational booths and kids activities by our own SCDNR, vendor booths, and a meet and greet for a number of local fishing influencers who have aligned with the Release Over 20 philosophy. This is shaping up to be a great time. Our oyster roast is the day before Boone Hall, and if you are looking for a less crowded alternative for oysters, here we are. Proceeds from the event will go to our new 501c3 non-profit Release Over 20. We have a new website, if you want to see what this nationwide conservation is all about, please check out Event will be at Firefly Distillery on Saturday, Feb 5 and goes from 11am to 5pm. I hope to see you there! Tickets at: Thanks, Dave @optiker________________________ 1966 13' Boston Whaler "Flatty" 2018 Sportsman Masters 207 #predatorsstriketheeye


Sun Jan 16 2022

Anyone have any experience with the St Croix inshore Mojo spinning rod or the Toadfish rods? Or any suggestions in that general price range? Used for Trout, Reds, Flounder, Sheep's, & some freshwater as well. Looking to get the wife her own combo. She always says that she doesn't have her own.


Mon Dec 20 2021

Any recommendations on brands? I have been looking at the Inmarsat phone.


I have been catching a TON of 14 inch reds. If they just grow an inch a year, we will be knee deep in legal fish next year. I checked the DNR site and they had very little about why we are seeing so many fish just under the 15 inch line. Could this be a sign we are over or under fishing the species? What gives?ZX

Off the chain

Wed Dec 08 2021

Saw over 20 sticker here in Greenville today. White Ford 150. Anybody here..You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you. 22 life's a day

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