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Fri May 14 2021

Offshore Office May 11, 2021

VIDEO - May 11, 2021 - Headed offshore towards the 226 hole. We dropped lines at 200ft where the water temperature went from 72 to 76. Trolled around and pushed out to 1600ft and back in. We found a nice rip out deep where it went from flat to choppy. The best bite was when Craig was hand lining the flat line and a blackfin tuna came up and hit it in the middle of the day right behind the boat. It was unusually slow for this time of year. Hopefully the fish will show up soon. 17ft Ankona Native Skiff 30HP Tohatsu 28ft Scout Twin Yamaha 250s Ankona Native Skiff 30HP Tohatsu 28ft Scout Twin Yamaha 250s
Thu May 13 2021

Redfish Every Cast

Went on the water with Chris Tweedy from Topwater Kayak Charters and had a great day. Caught a new PB redfish. Leave me a comment, like the video, and subscribe if you haven't already done so. I appreciate you guys. You can watch it here:
Mon May 10 2021

My PB Sheepshead

I've been trying to catch my PB sheepshead all Spring and finally did it! Also had a rare encounter.
Sun May 09 2021

May 6 and 8 - North Hole area

On May 6 the forecast looked good and conditions mostly matched the forecast. A bit bigger waves further out but it turned pretty flat before heading back. Fished 85 to 105 feet with water temps around 71 to 72 everywhere fished. Started trolling and was able to finally, I think, get sorted on using bigger planers attached to the transom. Youtube is great, I guess, but it seems like there is always information missing from instructional videos. It took a few tries to really get to work but prefer this to inline planers. Much nicer to be able to fish a lighter rod with the planer and not have to handline fish in to the boat. Marked very few fish up higher in the water, caught a false albacore and had one good knockdown that got off. Switched to bottom fishing and jigs and had a pleasant day. Porgies, vermillion and triggers along with some other stuff. A new one for me was banded rudder fish. Thanks to advice on this forum in response to a post, studied up on fish id and got FishRules ap. I would have pitched that one back in the past (would have been a loss - tasty and zero worms). Highlight of the day was PB trigger. Not sure the picture shows it but this was 27 inches from nose to end of tail. May 8 conditions ok out and miserable back. Not rough but just a short, nasty chop with the wind at a perfect angle to deliver a salt water bath. Hopefully, salt water is good for skin, hair and eyes. Mission for the day was to explore some new numbers. For this, I troll around (not really my favorite way to fish) and see what I see. Don't know if this is the right approach but it keeps me from feeling like I am driving around aimlessly burning ridiculously expensive marina fuel. First couple of spots at about 120 feet, nothing. The third spot tried at about 95 feet was a worthwhile add. Water temps again around 72. At the third location, before doing any trolling, saw some Atlantic spotted dolphin which has indicated fish around in the past. In this case, a giant school of amberjack on a ledge. They were at every level in the water and spread over a big area. Should have taken a picture of the sounder screen, it was amazing. The school was visible under the boat and would chase lures by the boat. Surprisingly, no takers near the surface. Down lower, could not get past them with bait or lures. Don't even know if there were any other kinds of fish on that ledge. Wrestled a few, put one legal fish in the box and then moved a few hundred yards. Eventually found a nice school of vermillion and a few other fish. Threw back the little ones (which were still over size restriction) and left one short of two person limit on vermillion. Tried for grouper using live bait but ended up feeding sharks bait and tackle, no luck this time. No king mackerel seen or caught on jigs, either day. Water temp seemed right but none found.
Mon May 03 2021

May 2 - Surprise Fish

Took my daughter for her first trip ever past the sound, along with a friend of hers and my wife. Daughter a bit nervous about being out so stayed close. Also, a little bumpy for a first trip. Fished Edisto 40, water temp 69.5. Wanted to do more catching than fishing and let the girls actively fish. So, started right away with jigs/spoons. Plenty of bluefish and Spanish mackerel around to keep every busy and having fun. Fish pretty well scattered on the reef, not all on one or two pieces of structure. Caught a few oddball fish as usual, including one undersized flounder on a spoon. The surprise of the day was both girls caught good sized redfish, not what I expected in 45 feet of water in May. Measured one at 28, the other seemed about the same. Nice fight in deeper water on light tackle. Things slowed down in by 2 or so. Wet but very short ride home.


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


About five years ago I was fishing with my business partner Ralph and Joey P. from Z-Man Fishing in the springtime in Charleston and by all accounts we were having an average day of catching. The catch could not have been too memorable because I can’t recall many details, however, that was all to change suddenly... Read this great article by David Fladd from Eye Strike Fishing Here: CAM Charleston


The Blackwell True Value in Hanahan is now selling live bait like mud minnows crickets and worms. Maybe they will eventually have fiddlers and such as well, we shall see. Rumor has it they scored the bait tanks from Duncan's since their closure. Blackwell True Value Hardware Store & Building Supply (843) 747-9651 Fishing Nerd "No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else." ...well, some fishing too!


We will see what we come up with, we’re going for Spades but hauling all the gear for regular bottom fishing and maybe a little trolling report to follow.


Tue Apr 27 2021

Watching and listening to the show Unfathomed over the weekend and Captain George Gozdz was in Charleston doing an episode called Chucktown Reds. He was fishing with local Captain JR Waits. Capt Waits stated that with the big bull reds you couldn't tell if they were male or female. Aren't the ones that drum males? Do they stop drumming when they get a certain size? Just wondering if that's really the case on big spottail? Anyone else catch the episode? Paging Barbawang... I tried to post this yesterday but damm forum wont let me post but once a day or something. Fishing Nerd "No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else." ...well, some fishing too!

Sir Fish-a-lot

Hey guys and gals. Its been a while. I am looking to take my inlaws and family friends on a fishing charter out of Charleston. Im from the upper midlands area so I am not too familiar with Charleston charters. I have done two out of MB but this time would like to head out from Charleston. Inshore or offshore, it doesnt matter. Thanks