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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Sat Oct 23 2021

Bull Reds in Beaufort

We've had a lot of fun targeting the Bull Redfish lately. These two where caught on Blue Crab in about 30ft of water. Full video:
Fri Oct 22 2021

Mullet Mayhem

This place is about done it seems but I can't let it go out with that pic on the cover lolol. Last evening the bite went crazy for like 2 hours. 3 hours into incoming, 73 degree, clear as gin, live finger mullets c-rigged, mud flat next to oyster bar. They wouldn't eat a shrimp or cut bait. 15 to 29 inches the entire time, several doubles with some nice trout thrown in too. Ok, now someone else's turn! Fishing Nerd "No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else." ...well, some fishing too!
Fri Oct 08 2021

Inshore 10/3/2021

Sorry for the late post Had a hot bite for about an hour on the outgoing tide this past Sunday. We fished mostly cut mullet along the usual kinds of structure (grasslines, rocks, creek mouths, etc.) and caught a handful of reds (1 under slot, 1 over, 2 in) a short trout, and a couple whiting. The bite was fairly slow for most of the morning, then about midway through the falling tide it was like someone flipped a switch and they turned on. The weather was a little screwy where we were, so i think that may have played a part. Tight lines! "Only a fool thinks he knows it all."
sea tonic
Mon Sep 27 2021

Wadmalaw sound area

Sunday, the weather was perfect, flat and calm. Early morning, incoming tide, and the reds were hungry. In the area that I hit first, I could see the reds chasing shrimp. The shrimp were jumping out of the water while a 'torpedo' was chasing close behind. I was catching one red after another, hands were shaking while having to re-rig, trying to get the lines out as quickly as possible. After a short while, they were gone. Probably moved on up into the grass. I followed by couldn't get them interested. Kept one 21" for dinner, the rest released. All of them were similarly sized. Live shrimp on the bottom with a Carolina rig. After that, moved on to other spots in the area but had no luck the rest of the day.
Sun Sep 26 2021

ICW Trout - Youngen Style

What choo know 'bout reelin' bait off da deep end When dem trout be hongray and caught by da youngen When the other fish play to much, put that bait in slow motion Yeah, I feel like we fishing just inside of the ocean Youngen Style"If you can't fix a woman, chase some tail with fins and fur!!!" 2008 Sea Pro 1900cc w/115 (2) Daughters that make the boys cry (1) wife that makes her husband take the kids outdoors to chase their dreams!


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Does anyone have any info to share on launching a 16 ft Jon boat with a 40 Yamaha at the Herbert Jessen Ramp,, is it tide controlled that far up or maybe the depths are shallow etc maybe what and where to fish from the ramp. I live in Summerville and always fished the cooper but bushy park is so bad at low tide I’m looking elsewhere . Thanks in advance for any info. Never launched there and looks a little sketchy. Some People Create Their Own Storms And Then Cry When It Rains!


I'm hitting the water tomorrow for some hook and line therapy! It's been months since I've been out. Any word on the menhaden? What's moving, what's biting?


I see the pods of bait just behind the breakers? I see something under them, running them out of the water? I have caught two hundred fifty pound Lemmon Sharks right in this area! But mostly, I'll bet that the "Predator Fish" are Red Drum And Smaller sharks? What size outfit would you use two hundred yards off the beach?


Thu Sep 23 2021

Does anyone have a recommendation on where to catch eels in the Stono /Kiawah/Folly Rivers area?


Hi guys Cubs here, gonna come next week or so and try some Redfish and Trout, can someone help with what creek to fish and maybe bait choices, thanks in advance

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