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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Fri Apr 09 2021

April 8

Seas forecast on windfinder at 1.6 feet and 4 seconds and 2 feet at NOAA. That was pretty accurate. Not smooth enough to go fast in our boat, really, but a decent day to be out. Stayed closer in because we only had a short day available. Rutgers sea temperature info showed higher water temperatures south of St. Helena sound than to the north, so we headed south. Fished mostly between 40 and 50 feet of water, with water temps earlier in the day at 63 rising to close to 65. Started with trolling Clark spoons using #1 and #2 planer at right around 5 knots speed per GPS. Found some bluefish and one Spanish - first of the season - at Hunting Island. Picture is not great but a strange, big fish. I have seen them before but not often and not that shallow.
Tue Apr 06 2021

April 4

One forecast was for 1 foot seas on 9 second interval. Nope. More like 2 to 3 on 5 seconds. In this case, the NOAA forecast was closer to right. Wet ride back as the wind picked up, but still a nice day to go out. Fished in 80 - 90 feet of water at 64 degrees. The great news for the day was catching our first king mackerel of the year. Caught on a squid pattern jig fished slow (not a high speed jig) at a depth of probably 40 - 60 feet. The king was not on the bottom, but nowhere near the surface either. No smoker by any means but nice to catch one. It seems like our first kingfish of the season the last few years has been right around the first of April and in 80 to 110 feet. Bottom fishing started slowly and struggled to get on a decent bite even though marking lots of fish on the sounder. Did, however, catch what would likely have been a world record lizardfish and sand perch - that kind of luck. Switched to a smaller hook size and moved the bait a few cranks off the bottom and started catching steadily on each drift. Ended up with a nice bunch of vermillion and triggers with a few decent sized white grunts thrown in as well. Only caught one ARS and just a few small BSB's, a little different mix on this structure than the last few trips. Every day out is different.
Mon Mar 29 2021

March 27

Forecast was two foot seas on 5 to 6 interval. That seems about right. Not rough but not really smooth either. Most fishing in 70 feet along a ledge with a water temperature of 64. Caught plenty with some decent black seabass, porgies, undersized amberjack, almaco jack,
Sun Mar 28 2021

Yesterday fishing

Fished the mouth of the Cooper incoming Tide topping off with Redfish tightening lines. Tide turned and I started fishing my way back to bushy and caught a few trouts before hitting Goose Creek and the Reds were still doing there thing and my final river the Reds were on fire. Couldn't make it back to Bushy untile the tide pushed more water that way but it didn't matter the Reds were aggressive in 70+ degree water. Season feels good thus far.' Smallest 18" and Largest 26.75 ' 13 was the final count that I netted and released and I had at least Six I couldn't get out of those structure and they or I were straightening those wired hooks which is a good things and a few cut off as I could feel us sawing on those branches. Great day on the water in-spite of the high winds and early morning Gnats"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" 220 SeaFox Viper
Fri Mar 26 2021

March 24 - Nearshore

Had a short day available so decide to try nearshore. Seas almost flat (can see how flat in the picture) with water temperatures from 58 to 62. Water depth 45 to 55. Interestingly, the water temperatures were higher to the north (moved north about 10 miles during the day) by over 2 degrees. Went looking for atlantic bonito, mostly, bluefish or spanish. Found a few bonito but not in large numbers or good size. Fished a number of proven marks but the fish just didn't seem to be there yet in big numbers. Maybe pushing the season a bit or just not the right day or spots. Many, many false albacore in small schools spread over miles in about 40 feet of water. The false albacore were feeding on tiny bait with birds sitting right on the fish. Would have been an opportunity for a fly rod but none on the boat. Could have caught plenty but, as the saying goes, "I haven't yet learned how to enjoy eating false albacore." Will wait until the water warms a little more to try nearshore again, maybe next week.


Today's Tides

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Tuesday's Tides

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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Tue Apr 06 2021

Fished Edisto 40 Edisto 60 and Kiawah reefs yesterday. Didn't see them anywhere. Where are they? Caught a few nice sheeps at Kiawah reef.You can't catch fish on a dry line


Mon Apr 05 2021

What happen to this buoy. it was used alot for fishing forecast??? any answers out there....Kencraft 23T twin 175f Suzuki's


Fish Creek off of the Edisto side of South Fenwick Island, just how dry / shallow is that creek on low tide? I've ridden right past South Fenwick Island through the cut a few different times but never stopped. Planning to go camping down there in the near future. The weekend we're planning looks like a +0.9 low tide. Trying to figure out if we can get to campsites 2 or 3 on the SCDNR South Fenwick map via the creek side. I'm thinking it's not looking good for site 2. Possibly site 3 from the ocean/inlet end of the creek. Thinking the boat will need to be left at the SCDNR dock on the Ashepoo side. Any confirmation on my charts and aerials research with real life would be helpful.


Below is a press release from CCA South Carolina. If you haven't been following, or been in attendance at the SCDNR presentations, Flounder have been in a 10 year decline, per statistical sampling using trammel nets. In response, NC has closed their flounder fishery last year and is in discussions about this year. SC has been slowly reducing creel limits, but this will only affect gigging, as taking a limit of flounder by hook and line is almost unheard of. In my experience and in informal polls of other experienced fishermen, the average catch is 1 or 2 legal flounder per trip. So, going from a creel limit of 10 to 5 will have no effect among hook and line anglers. All flounder of legal size are female (did you know that?) and the best and simplest way to protect the brood stock is to add an upper slot. Please contact your state Representative and Senator and tell them you are in support of H.3957, in particular the upper slot. We need to make a change that will ensure healthy stocks in the future, and the side benefit is a lot of doormat flounder to catch (and release). ----- 3021-10 McNaughton Dr., Columbia, SC 29223 Website: Email: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 18, 2021 CONTACT: Scott Whitaker 803-865-4164 Flounder legislation passes House, heads to Senate for further consideration Columbia, S.C. – With a vote of 106 to 3, the South Carolina House of Representatives has advanced legislation that would adjust the state’s flounder regulations with an emphasis on increasing the spawning stock of the popular species. H. 3957 was introduced in late February by a bi-partisan group of legislators based on concerns from anglers, constituents, and data from the first ever regional stock assessment indicating that the fishery continues its downward spiral. The legislation comes after 18 months of meetings and discussion among fisheries managers, the angling community, and state decisions makers. “We are thrilled by the level of engagement that has been shown and the willingness to act by both bodies of the General Assembly” said CCA SC Government Affairs Committee Chairman, Tombo Milliken. “Recreational anglers in SC have consistently asked for conservation measures to be taken over the years and yet we find ourselves at a place that further action simply must be taken, and we have willing partners throughout the state management process eager to respond.” South Carolina is not alone in the need to take action to address declining flounder numbers. From Texas to North Carolina, states are enacting new management steps as a response to troubling stock assessments. A first of its kind regional stock assessment provided in 2019 suggested that southern flounder harvest be reduced by 72 percent across the South Atlantic region (North Carolina to Florida), with North Carolina implementing a 45-day season for recreational anglers. Florida also acted in December to reduce its harvest. The legislation passed in the South Carolina House of Representatives would implement a 5-fish-per-person creel limit with a maximum 10 fish boat limit. It would also implement a 16”-20” slot limit on the size of flounder, with anglers being able to retain 1 fish over that slot limit per person and a maximum of 2 per boat. While utilized in the management of other species, red drum and black drum for example in South Carolina and spotted seat trout in states such as Texas, Alabama, and Florida, the SC flounder slot limit would be the first time it has been implemented in the country for flounder management. The principle behind the measure in all the cases is the same; to bolster the larger spawning stock of females. The legislation now resides in the Senate and has been referred to the Fish, Game, and Forestry Committee, where CCA SC anticipates additional management measures will be considered and with the same enthusiasm by members to act. “Looking back on the process, the level of engagement from state fisheries managers at the SCDNR to frame the issue, elected officials in both bodies of the House and Senate to work on bi-partisan legislation, and from the recreational community to engage the process, has been remarkable” said Scott Whitaker, executive director of CCA SC. “We’ll see where the developments take us in the coming weeks.” ###________________________ 1966 13' Boston Whaler "Flatty" 2018 Sportsman Masters 207 #predatorsstriketheeye


Not new to fishing around Charleston, but my previous boat would only allow me as far out as the jetties comfortably. Recently upgraded to a 20' CC with 150 yamaha, so I'm more comfortable hitting the nearshore reefs (capers, charleston 60, etc) when conditions permit. Does anyone have a reliable website or phone app that provide wind forecasts for these areas a few miles offshore? I know conditions can change over just a few miles. I want to get out there this spring, but do it safely. Also, I've wanted to catch an Amberjack since moving to Charleston. Their nickname makes them seem like a fun fight. Is there any reasonable chance at catching one at any of these reef locations, or do they hang out in deeper water? If there is a chance, what sort of bait/lure would be recommended and time of year? Thanks, guys.

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