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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Mon Aug 15 2022

N. Edisto Sunday report

Didn’t expect to have much luck yesterday, Sunday, considering the wind direction cooler temps. But, it was going to be a beautiful weather day so my wife and I headed out. Fished the N. Edisto down near Ocella cree…
Mon Aug 15 2022

Fishing for dinos

A really good option this time of year if you want to catch a lot, and have a surprisingly technical artificial bite is to target bowfin. They gulp air, a really good adaptation from 40 million years of evolution that l…
Mon Aug 15 2022

The sounds of getting hammered!

Hope this works, this is what it sounds like when you hook up to a 7’ hammerhead…Youngen Style
Sun Aug 14 2022

A bad day on the H2O is better than a good day at work!

2 cool nights and 1 day of rain equals 80.8° water temp…last weekend it was 90-91° and Wednesday it was 89° right at dark. The bait absolutely vanished today unlike normal mullet cruising the banks for safety all day lon…
Sun Aug 14 2022

The grass saved our ass

Not first this time but second . Awesome tournament agin with the best competition from La to sc . Ended day one with a solid 10 pounds with three fish and 5th place . Day 2 the wind switched to a ripping NE with anot…
Sun Aug 14 2022

Juvie reds galore

The small creeks are where the under slot reds are hanging out. Lots of fun for the kids on light tackle. Look for the bigger reds out in the big water or deeper channels next to the grass.


Today's Tides

12:37 AM
5.5 ft
6:43 AM
0.1 ft
1:04 PM
5.7 ft
7:22 PM
0.8 ft

Thursday's Tides

1:25 AM
5.1 ft
7:31 AM
0.4 ft
1:55 PM
5.6 ft
8:19 PM
1.1 ft

Charleston Fishing Discussions


Tue Aug 16 2022

58 one gallon jugs 5.00 each


What are some of the things you do to your boat or trailer … And maintenance tips?? Picture didn’t come out. I have 2 water separators/filters with a valve so I can switch from one to the other if needed. I always c…


Tue Aug 16 2022

3 tiagra 50 wides 1 Penn 70sv Like new condition. $1,750 Islanders, saltwater candy, Daisy chains, spreader bars, stretch 50s, 30s, 20s, wahoo plugs, chuggers, sea witches. All new or like new condition. $600⁰…


Wasn’t sure where to put this but wanted to share because it was so cool. We were down visiting our oldest son this past weekend and while walking along the northern shore at Folly, watched this Bonnethead stalk and att…


I have six of these. They’re all less than 2 years old. And I’m pretty good about rinsing them off. And it’s not like I’m using them offshore and I get a lot of salt spray on them. I have 2 more that the handles are …


is there a prop guy on this site or sponsor? I have a 3 blade 14 pitch prop and had some questions on going to a 4 blade or different pitch. i don’t have a great hole shot and wanted to get on plane easier. I don’t mind …

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Wave Direction

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Wave Period

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