Concerning Mr. Biden and The Border Situation,,,,,,,,,

,,,,Our southern border is literally overflowing and bursting at the seams. So much so that this week the border patrol and ICE have begun to release illegal immigrants into the United States with no court date, no job, no sponsor or kin, no place to go, and no real hope of a path to citizenship. Its a sad situation.

The current administration is failing miserably, that can hardly be debated. Not that the last one did a stellar job mind you,,,,,,,, but they had the problem contained and were working towards some sort of reasonable solution.

Riddle me this, lets just say your toilet was literally overflowing and bursting at the seams and overflowing into your home. Would you raise the ceiling to allow room for more? Would you continue schitt and then to flush on an ever increasing level?

I'll give you the final say.

Thats all I got,

As you were


My scandalmongering only goes so far.

A guy recently told me that, (and I quote)....
"Sometimes, you gots to reply

And sometimes you shouldn't.

Politics in the "Travel Section" is in poor taste"

Not to be a smartass Fred, but I've said about all I'm going to on that subject. I shouldn't have ratted him out in the first place, it was in "poor taste", however If you look closer I think you might find the answers you seek are right under your nose.

As you wereOriginally posted by Edisto Fisher

I'm sure you had your reasons for posting political in the Travel section. I don't think anyone on this sight is going to travel to see the **** show being done by Biden down at our border.

Sounds like some back peddling E F. You don't just start saying something and leave people hanging. That is in poor taste.
“The answer is right under your nose”...... and Fred still hasn’t figured it out!

4.0 GPA.....