WTB small boat trailer

I have a 14' aluminum boat whose trailer has bitten the dust, am on James Island.

Not afraid of something that needs a little work if the price is right.

PM or reply if you've got something you're willing to part with.


I’ve got one, please give me a shout-

I’m in Mt P

Edgewater 318cc
Bump, still looking.

Trey’s was bigger than I need. Thanks for trying

Sman, might end up calling Mr Stone and see what he’s got
tommy stone sells used. i think sonny at iron knight [behind gaslight square on rivers] may have used.

i've bought 2 used from tommy. i think i paid 350 ish for the last one, holds 14' skiff. he had some diy stuff laying around in january

did you locate a loaner?
that sounds just right, thanks.

do have a loaner in place for emergency *porpoises, involves kicking bro-in-law's alumacraft off the trailer that hasn't rolled in over a year. he owes me, i just got my utility trailer back after a lengthy hiatus.

rather buy used from Tommy, I'll look into it.
There is an emergency going on right now barb,water is down and big redbellys are bitin.Get over to bil and put together a rig son. NOW!
Got a single axle galvanized trailer for a 19' that I'd let go for $350, jack, winch, guide ons and frame are all good. Rollers should be replaced or throw on basic bunks for your use.

On James Island if you wanna check it out
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Thanks Iefstath, I am limited on space in the side yard with my trailers and I think the 19' would've been overkill for my 175lb metal hull. Appreciate the offer!

I pulled the trigger on one at Tommy's place today, they had a few options and i chose the cheapest. been swapping stanchion post and jack stand stuff this afternoon, gonna need new tabs welded on for bunks after a little use. hit a dead end swapping stuff when i had no more 3" hangers for the post, so I planted up a couple "german queen" tomatoes and even more cukes, which i'll probably regret when I can't find anything green in the garden come June. Only Lowe's/Bonnie veggie purchase I've made this year.

highly recommend just stopping by Tommy Stone at "The Trailer Shop", them boys were hustling and definitely don't have time to answer their land line as i tried a couple times beforehand.
if you go at the end of the day, they talk.

chad got stories too. believe that.
I bet they talk,especially when you break out a handle.haha I remember them days,stopping by a couple of the shops in N Charleston in the evening.Good Times and you could find out where the fish were biting .