Fox Follies

17' Henry O Hornet w/ Yamaha 115
26' Palmer Scott project hull
14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25

Mama mama he's cramming buckets up azzes and swatting dog dick gnats make him stop.. boo hoo "MAMA"
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Run y'all!!!! Polly's comin'!!!!

Not watchin' his six.

Still not watchin.....

Close as I could get with feet + modest lens....

Varmints, or not. They're cool.

17' Henry O Hornet w/ Yamaha 115
26' Palmer Scott project hull
14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25
Those pics a so cool!

Had one as a pet years ago when I was a child. I remember my dad going outside and tapping the dish we fed it from and it would come running. Lived in the country up north on a dirt road in Dairy country. As little traffic as there was, got hit by a car in front of our house.

Had a couple coons as well that were raised from babies and had to bottle feed as eyes weren't even open yet. These discovered from nearby farmers removing bales of hay from the mow.

Maybe I can text someone a pic that can be posted of my friend holding it. Pretty cool. Gonna have to take a pic of the old pic.

The pic I have is from 1981.

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I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.

22 life's a day
In elementary school (decades back), lived on the edge of the West Ashley burbs. Dad had a colleague that removed a coon nest from his chimney and Dad brought a baby coon home. Great/hilarious pet. We lived across a creek from a large wooded area and Moonshine eventually went wild.

One Christmas, we had out of town relatives come for the holidays. My brother was booted out of his room for the relatives and he slept on the sofa. Middle of the night, Moonshine, who we had not seen for months, shows up at the back door. Brother lets her in and goes back to sleep. Next morning.... Christmas morning... Christmas tree on its side, 2/3rds of a pound cake gone. Various other items moved/missing/abused. Back sliding door cracked open and Moonshine gone for the last time. Never saw her again. When we pulled the boat out the next Spring and removed the tarp, the two back seats had large piles of Christmas candy (you thought I was going to say poop, didn't you?). That coon had made multiple trips in and out of the house with a mouth full of candy building the stash.

We moved, to a new place early in high school and ended up with a nest in one of the walls. Had to get that out and ended up with 3 babies. Runt died. Absolute bedlam as the other two grew. They were too agile and way too smart to be pets. We had no A/C so windows and doors had screens. The coons would climb up the screen door, put a foot on the latch button, bounce the door until they could quickly reach a hand around the inside of the door, then, shinny down the door keeping that hand on the inside, then in they'd come. Any time of the day or night. Drove the dogs absolutely crazy when they wanted to.

Hilarious pets. But, too smart and to capable and to independent. Never really completely tame.

17' Henry O Hornet w/ Yamaha 115
26' Palmer Scott project hull
14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25
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The worst case of ad hominem fallacy I have ever seen.

I know you'll have to google it immediately, but just know you look to me like someone poured a bucket of it over your head, tore the handle off and shoved it down your throat just before cramming the bucket and remnants of said "ad hominem fallacy" right up your arse.

I wasn't going to give you the satisfaction of ever replying to your self aggrandized ramblings, but much like a dog dick gnat on a hot summer porch, your constant swarming occasionally deserves a swat.


As You WereOriginally posted by The Poser Formerly Known As Edisto Fisher

Haha, The Poser EF is having another meltdown... Imagine that...

You do realize there needs to be an argument presented for there to be an “ad hominem fallacy” to occur, correct?

I only made a statement of agreement for your new moniker that you created, as it does describe you here very well... And like clockwork, you throw a tantrum, and then a meltdown...

Since you like analogies here is mine for you:
You seem like the kind of person who would kick their dog in the junk repeatedly trying to kill a “dog dick gnat” all summer long.... And, then be completely bewildered why he growls and bites you by the end of the summer when you walk up on the porch because in your mind you thought you were doing him a favor...

You are irascible to say the least... Again, your self proclaimed moniker describes you very well... Enjoy it, I know I will...

noun: poser; plural noun: posers
a person who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others.

Radicals Blame Foxitis

*** My valuable insight, wisdom, and truth is the inspiration for many signature lines, tantrums, and meltdowns...

17' Henry O Hornet w/ Yamaha 115
26' Palmer Scott project hull
14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25
Just got home from hanging out with Son, Dil and that awesome Grandson (16 months old). DIL is 10 weeks into another one.

Anyway, Thanks OTC for posting that old pic!


That's a great read, regarding your raccoon experience!! Most do retain that wild side, as a couple I had as a child prior to this one were nowhere near as docile, even after being bottle fed with eyes still closed.

Got bit once and dad hauled em off and let em go back were they needed to be.

Gotta run, off next ten days and headed to the coast...

Take care y'all

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Not to detract from the foxes...

I got a coon story.

I was on a framing job and a bulldozer was clearing a lot. There was a coon crawling around on the frame and then got in his lap. I stopped and watched as this guy was petting that coon...running a dozer...and the coon kept rubbing its head.

Needless to say...I had to go see this.
I walked up and the guy turns and looks at me and there was this small amount of drool coming out of the side of his mouth( right side I believe). He turned back to drop the blade and turn the engine off and drooled on the coon which started rubbing its head...and cleaning itself...
The guy talked about raising it and gave it a stick of Dentyne Gum that it enjoyed immensely.
The drooling...I didn't axe...probably a stoke or salivary gland injury...he wiped his mouth with a towel he had up there with him.
I finished some roof felt waiting on this guy to quit for the day. He shuts the dozer down ... climbs down and the coon jumps down...walking behind him like a dog. He gets to the truck...opens the door...coon jumps in and they gone.

Wouldn't let my kids keep baby coons cause they are coons. They got personalities like peeps. Some good...some bad.

Now flying squirrels...they another animal.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

The ENTER-NET Fisherman
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Flying squirrels ,now we’re getting somewhere.