Does anyone know the value of a 2005 192 Sea Fox center console with a 2001 130 Johnson.
It's been sitting for 5 years not ran,when my neighbor parked it,it was burning spark plugs after running for a short time, then he had to change them to get back to the dock.
Just wondering if I should bother with it.
Thanks for the input.

Double D.

The tax assessors office in Beaufort has a set of books that has the "value" of most all boats. They use them to set the tax rate for boats. They don't have any problem looking up the value for you.

Some Johnson engines, from that vintage, have an "optical sensor". I've had nothing but trouble from those models, for what it's worth...


Robinette's Bend Forward
I think that the blue book value for that boat with trailer is around 5-6 grand. I would n`t count the motor because it could be a liability instead of a plus. It would also have to be in excellent shape for that price I think . I would look at as needing a new motor and seeing what that price would look like compared to something in running condition. Burning plugs ? Probably fouling instead of burning which could mean anything from bad gas to cheap oil to wrong plugs to a carb or injection problem ( more likely). If you are mechanically inclined and the boat is otherwise in good condition it may be a great buy. If you would have to take it to a dealer, there are soft spots in the deck or other things that can add up in a hurry, I would pass. This is all just my opinion only of course.
By the way, I live across the street from the Beaufort tax man . Their prices are pretty high ( at least on my truck which I argued and got down ) but are a ball park I guess
Well thanks for the replies.
Since the boat has been sitting in my yard since 2016,I have kept it covered with a tarp. I think there's not much soft spots, if any.
Now for the motor, I meant to say fouling plugs,not burning.
I don't know if I want to fool with this boat or not.

Double D.
Double D, the big thing with messing with a used boat is you can't walk back if it breaks down. smile Like others suggested if you can get it at a "steal" look into repowering if hull is sound. Don't forget to check the Transom really good. You have a 20 year old motor on it. No telling how it was maintained by previous owner/owners. If not flushed proper, you could have terrible internal corrosion that you'll never see until it gives you overheating issues. Sitting that long if you get it, I'd focus on pulling the foot to replace water pump (do the whole housing not just impeller) and draining all old fuel from tank and make sure you have a buddy boat with you when first running it.

Wish you the best with It!