St. Helena Sound. 10/11

Bait down by 19:30, ran the poles and thought I would be finished by 20:30. Huh... they didn't turn completely off but slowed way down. Jumbo's, Larges, some med.
Finished up with a cooler full at 22:30.
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Do you normally go at night? I usually go during the day. Which do you like better?
Have done well day and night. Out here now, dead tide and zip. 1/4 to 1/3 on first run then nothing. Did this last night also. Maybe get the rest of them after tide change. Days high to low, nights 1 to 2 hours before low into high. Finished up with 3/4 cooler, 23:00.
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Care to share the general location? Close to otter? Jw. Thanks.

If it fly's, floats, or, friggs, rent it!