A tip from a good year....large mouth

ok so now i have a offshore boat and have no reason to "hide" my lil secret killer lure... So with that said. go to walmart and get the neon green Zoom worms. Get the red gamagatzu hooks. No go home and run about a inch and a half of red thread out of the head of the worm...only once or twice. Thus giving it a tiny little blood trail. like 4 strands. dont go wild and have a punk rock worm. Go out fishing and double twitch and pause all the way back to the boat. Kills em every time.

I catch most of my fish the night before I go fishing.

10 Speed, any weights (lead) to your invention or do you throw it weightless?
no weights. she will float about 6in below the water. pulled in a 11lb fish off this at the rice flats.

I catch most of my fish the night before I go fishing.
10 speed, where are the rice flats ? Also, have you thought about a patent on your design, serious ? Sounds to me like would work.
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I think a little red added to anything is good. I used to fly fish for trout & steelhead a lot. I would tie my woolybuggers with red thread and add a couple peices to the tail. It made a big difference. never thought of adding to a worm, but sounds like a great idea.
while i appritiate the idea. i make a honest living and do well. so this is just backwoods fishing lol So yall want my monster holes huh? ok well my 32ft boat wont go to them anymore so here ya go.
Well lets start at a fav spot.
The jefferys damb. If you go there for stripers but there not hitting go across tailrace and drift down to the power lines. under the second one is a double ledge with a sandbar. lots of 3lb bass there.

Another goody
Put in at the doc resteraunt. travle down the river away from the damb. On your right you will see stony landing. fish around doc. 4-2lbs there. nothing well look across the river. see that inlet? go in there. NO there are not fish in here but as it bends to the right look left. see the 8ft wide ditch? that opens to my dynomite hole. 12 acres or so of 4-6ft fishing. lots of cover me and a buddy have 10lb+ bass out of here. WARNING when water starts running out fast GET OUT!!! the damn isnt pumping and the tide is leaving it will drop 2 ft in about a hour!!!!!
As you leave and get back out to big water you will see a tree on the right all by itself. I dont know why but bass hang here.... sometimes..

Rice flats. Go to cypres gardens boat ramp. put in and travel right {standing on ramp looking at river} travel about 2 miles the river will bend hard left after a "T" go under the tressle WALLA rice flats on right. Good news when there on there ON!!!! bad news when there off you might as well move somwhere else....

I also got some killer stripers last year but thats one I got to keep secret.
Good luck!

I catch most of my fish the night before I go fishing.
Can't find the Neon Green Zoom worms.
there poular. i often see them in anglers. the pink ones work well but green is the killer!

I catch most of my fish the night before I go fishing.
10 Speed....when you put in at Cypress Gardens and run out of that creek onto the main river thats all rice field on your right I believe. I see a lot of guys fishing the grass line between the river and the rice field. If you pass under the tressel your talking about the rice fields in front of Pimlico Plantation right?

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Yea you got it! the feild before the tressle doesnt really do much for bass. but man there are some mutant crapy there, or brem or what ever your family call them. but yea man your in the right area. In may im going to be beggin for someone to take me and my chick to my striper spot.

I catch most of my fish the night before I go fishing.