Trout on fire in July

Had some SC buddies who read this site come get in on some trout fishing. I'm sure they will see this post. I hope they post some of the photos they took. Some of these were caught wading and some were caught from the boat. I prefer wading, but when fishing deeper holes, the boat is a necessity. This time of the year, I'll fish from the boat early in the morning and wade when the sun gets up. Good thing about wading in July....when it gets hot, just wade a little deeper. Wading is a great way to beat the summer heat. Don't mind the sharks, aka "tax collectors." They aren't after us. All fish, including the bull red, were caught tight lining plastics. Catching bull reds like the one pictured is a common occurrence and quite a thrill, especially when wading waist deep in the water. Pix are of three days fishing.
One limit on front of boat, another limit on back of boat, and a fair day of 14 on the cleaning table. .jpg[/img]

Harold Wilcox

Fountain of youth down there evidently. You don't look hardly any older since you started posting here wayyyyyyyy back when. No brown-nose sir, it's the truth.

Good stuff Harold, I hope you keep it up for at least that many more years (and that many more fish too).

Thanks for the pictures too, I know it's a lot of work, but it sure generates clicks and helps us keep the lights on around here

As usual good stuff.

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I find things funny.
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22 life's a day
Man you got it going on down there! Looks like the tax man paid a quick visit though... Good stuff just the same, thanks for sharing!

Fishing Nerd

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...well, some fishing too!