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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Tue Nov 08 2022

Voted least that what she said boys! - YS

When you get put on kid duty…yep that about sums it up! Lost several more nice trout and probably 1 or 2 slot reds but all in all it was another fun day with Youngen Style Charters doing the bank thang!
Sat Nov 05 2022

Surf fishing near Edisto Oct 26

I had the pleasure of spending 3 days down in Edisto for some surf and inshore fishing this past week, what a fantastic trip! Edisto is a beautiful place to spend a few days. The surf fishing around low tide seemed to …
Sat Nov 05 2022

Interesting redfish in Ashley River

Caught some interesting redfish on Thursday. One was a personal record 40 incher …surprisingly big for Ashley River. One had somehow escaped a dolphin headlock and the other had very large spots. There are still…
Tue Nov 01 2022

Wet and Windy Halloween Eve-Edisto Island

Fished last couple hours of rising and 4 hours of falling tide. NE winds, coastal flooding, and rain were all against us but we kept at it and caught some nice spottail bass. 67-68 deg water. Fished all types of artif…
Mon Oct 24 2022

Windy Waters

Took a bud out Sunday morning trying to duck out of the wind for some top water action. No luck getting out of the wind in the 2 spots I wanted to try, but the fish cooperated a little for our efforts. All dinks but stil…
Sun Oct 23 2022

Wando Report from Tuesday

I had a dr appt in Mt P last Tuesday so I took advantage of the opportunity. Got to Paradise early enough to put nav lights on. Fished sharp point with good current. It also has shallow to deep drop off. Used a 1/8 Tro…


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Fri Dec 09 2022

People this has to be the most perverse thing since Joe stole the election… This has to be the biggest f up since the Covid fiasco. This piece of crap pizzed on foriegn country rules and got arrested. Our “presid…


Wed Dec 07 2022

Having a trailer ladder fabricated. The last couple of times launching and recovering on my own, i had visions of my old behind landing on the boat ramp. I pick it up Saturday and will post more pics of the final product…


Around across this. Mid 80s bike week. I was running at the North Myrtle Beach drag strip,1/8 mile. Third round for my class. Modified Street. I was odd man. I pull up to the staging area look over what do I see? Ye…


Put out 3, so 2 more to go…


Sun Dec 04 2022

Watching Ga/LSU game and halftime they have that football toss by Dr Pepper. Think they had a runoff type thing as I was doing something else. Anyway, white gal wins by the rules, and they just announced they would awa…