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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Fri Sep 22 2023

Fishing with Mr Slick

I had the pleasure of hosting the owner of Pure FLats, makers of the Slick Lure which I have posted about a few times this year. Greg is a great guy and has been a huge supporter of Release Over 20 and Eye Strike. We s…
Tue Sep 19 2023

Ready for the fall season

Finally got repairs done to boat. Arrive at Bushy early and saw oil in the back of the boat and cleaned it up and dropped boat. Ran okay but I was still worried about where that oil came from. Ran a short distance and st…
Tue Sep 12 2023

Batting average .500

My fishing outings tend to be teaching family members how to fish, untangling line, re-rigging lost gear, managing the dog, etc but last Saturday I got to fish a little bit! I can blame the rod time but it has been prett…
Thu Aug 31 2023

Edisto Vacay

Had a long overdue vacation at Edisto Beach (my old stomping grounds) in August. Most of my mornings were spent leaving the marina before dawn and back at the house by 930am for breakfast. That’s pretty much heaven for…
Mon Aug 28 2023

Tailers Swift on that high tide concert - YS

Hit the afternoon high tide with anticipation of meeting Tailers Swift and we found close to 20 fish but minimal tailing action. Probably 7 total tailers and the rest were just cruising. She would get several quality cas…
Thu Aug 24 2023

Cooper River 8/24

Had a solid day. Nothing for the freezer but we got on some fish! 3 puppy drums, 1 trout and a catfish. And we saw a manatee too! Way up by bushy Park.


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Fri Sep 22 2023

Selling both Springfield King Pin seat poles (selling together) Class B Label# 8123050 Class B Label# 8123050 Long Pole will rise to 22” to 28” Model 3633013-SSA Short Pole will rise to 17” to 19” Model 3633011-SSA (…


Anyone remember an article in SC Wildlife Magazine within the last 6-10 yrs. Was about running from the lakes to Charleston down the Cooper R, stopping and camping a couple of nights. Some sight seeing. Some fishing. …


My son text a YouTube vid of a guy growing mushrooms on logs, and was like, Dad, let’s try this. Had no idea about this kind of stuff, but was excited. I love mushrooms. So, ordered some plugs for shiitake, blue oyster…


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve come to the conclusion this is the end of an era. I can find them in no gas stations. I loved to keep a few packs hidden away on the truck for that emergency snack along with some V…


B&W Tow and Stow drop 7" drop hitch for sale. 2 5/16", 2", and 1 7/8" tri-ball. Needed to replace with the multipro tailgate drop hitch. $225 OBO. (864)608-0699. Can text pictures if needed. Located in West Ashley a…


Sun Sep 17 2023

I walked down to the dock Tuesday morning to check on the boat. Between the floater and the creek bank I saw something I had never seen before. There must have been over a hundred red fish of all sizes churning up the …

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